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All tree care is performed in accordance with current Standards and Safety regulations of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Crown Cleaning

Cleaning out and removal of watersprouts and dead, dying, diseased, crossing, and hazardous branches from tree.

Crown Reduction

Method of reducing the height or spread of a tree by performing appropriate pruning cuts.

Crown Restoration

Method of restoring the natural growth habit of a tree that has been topped or damaged in any other way.

Raising the Canopy

Remove lower branches of tree in order to provide clearance for buildings, vehicles, pedestrians, and views.


Includes crown cleaning and the selective removal of unwanted branches and limbs to provide light penetration, reduce wind-sail effect, and provide air movement into crown and/or lighten the weight of remaining branches.

Clearing the Underbrush

Method of trimming the base of the trees when encroaching onto buildings, fences, or just to be clean and kept up.

Directional Pruning

Allows the trees to continue growing and over time it will train the branches to grow in a beneficial direction.


"On behalf of the Board of Directors of the San Diego Botanic Garden Foundation I wish to express my gratitude for the extremely valuable service that your company along with the members of the Professional Tree Care Association (PTCA) contributed on Arbor Day, April 21. We very much appreciate the tremendous amount of labor Bishop’s Tree Service donated. You and your teams' work truly made a difference and had a great impact on the appearance of the Garden. We are grateful that the members of the PTCA took care of trimming, shredding and grinding stumps of some of our tallest trees. We definitely could not have handled those ourselves. The right tools and equipment combined with the professional expertise of your crew worked miracles. We acknowledge your company contributions by naming Bishop’s Tree Service a Corporate partner of San Diego Botanic Garden at the Bronze level. Thanks again for providing us with a very important contribution that had a huge impact on the appearance of the Garden."

- Julian Duval, President / CEO
San Diego Botanic Garden

" It is tough to get business these days and yet many companies fail to provide the minimum service that they advertise. It is a relief to find a company that does it right. Thank you for promptly returning calls, keeping appointments, having patience with my questions and requests, proving a written estimate and sticking to it. April was great help in your office with my questions and requests. David, Mark and the other two members of your crew were prompt, efficient, polite and patient with my requests to 'check another spot on the tree.' They finished the lacing and trimming exactly in the amount of time estimated and left property clean and the trees look great. I took a number of pictures of the before and after photos and will send you copies to show your customers excellent examples of your service. I will recommend you to my friends and neighbors and certainly contact you in for our future tree needs. "

- L. Keller, Home Owner
  Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Arbor Quote

" Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf. "

- Dr. Albert Schweitzer